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Want to Finally Get Real Weight Loss Results while ENJOYING Real Food (That’s Healthy & Makes Your Mouth Water!) Without Frustration or Spending Hours In the Kitchen?

Then you need the SECRET to creating the easiest, most delicious meals that actually

get you the RESULTS you've been struggling to achieve!  What IS the SECRET?


Imagine a world where you no longer have to feel BORED eating the same meals over & over.. a place where you don't have to beat yourself up or feel FAT & GUILTY for"cheating" on your diet (again)... a world where you can finally stop feeling FRUSTRATED because you can actually look forward to a delicious dinner made easily, AND on program!

You can STOP imagining because it's all right here...

Welcome to a simpler way to cook.  Welcome to a MUCH tastier way to eat (on a diet or not).  

Welcome to Stacey Hawkins.

optavia / medifast & low carb, keto compliant

Make Fat Burning, Family Friendly Meals in Minutes, the Lean & Green Way!

Exclusive products and mouthwatering recipes designed to work with low-carb diet programs including Optavia, Weight Watchers, Medfast, Keto and more.

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Meals That Get You Results!
Just sprinkle, shake or dash Stacey Hawkins products on whole, fresh foods to go from bland and boring to WOW!

Take average, everyday foods like chicken, fish and vegetables and bring them to a whole new world of mouthwatering flavor, easily. The end result? Food that tastes great, is on program and GETS YOU RESULTS without feeling deprived.

Whether you're looking to bring new flavor to your already great cooking, you're looking for easy recipes you & your family will love, or are desperate for ways to make "diet" food taste great, the answers are all here. A whole new world of flavor and fun are at your fingertips. Dive in! Your mouth (and your waistline) will thank you. We Promise.
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Open one simple box & get the power you need to easily create100's of Lean & Green meals that taste great & keep you on track, no matter what your goals (and turn you into an amazing cook, even if you can barely boil water..)
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