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Why We're Better

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Stacey Hawkins products are blended of the highest quality herbs and spices selected from around the world.  Stacey's proprietary recipes of spice & seasoning blends are made in small, artisanal batches by our facilities in the USA.  Our products are all natural, preservative free and packaged in tin to give...

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The sooner you start cooking and eating AMAZING Stacey Hawkins recipes, the sooner you will get to your goals, be in your skinny jeans and live the life you WANT.

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Why Stacey?

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After losing over 100 pounds following a low carb, Lean and Green lifestyle, professionally trained chef Stacey wanted to share her easy secrets with the world.

13 years and 5 cookbooks later she's become the Queen of Lean and Green and America's go-to expert for EASY and family friendly low-carb, Lean and Green cooking.

Through her social media presence, cooking videos, and recipes, Stacey inspires even the most cooking challenged to lose weight and keep it off for good.  It's Stacey's pledge to bring you only the best, most exclusive products and services to help you Make a Better Meal, Live a Better Life.